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Important message for people with children...

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Oct 15 08 9:33 PM

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To all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters...

There is a website on the internet that is a danger to children. It has no warnings that children should not visit it. Software programs designed to find malicious content on websites before allowing access do not detect it. The site is

The owner of this site copies female cartoon characters from children’s shows and video games. He exaggerates their sexual anatomy and draws them in various positions, always in bondage. He labels each drawing’s link with the character’s name as well. He prefaces his “art” gallery with the following...

*Quick Warning*

Please note that the above galleries center around DID art, thus there are images of various girls tied up and gagged. There is no adult imagery present however nor scenes of a sexual nature. They are simply scenes that you would see on mainstream television. Sometimes with humour involved. If you are uncomfortable about this genre of art in any way then please leave now. I understand some people find this kind of thing strange but it makes me no less of a person than anyone else. Please do not shout and scream about what I like as we are all different.

For those of you who do not know, “DID” means Damsels In Distress. I didn’t know what it meant until after I found the site. Children do not understand the site owner’s preface if they even see it and I have never seen these types of scenes on mainstream television during normal viewing hours. I was horrified that this was easily available to children. Not only is it readily accessible, but it is also easy to find if a child searched the internet for their favorite cartoon and video characters.

You might be thinking, “Why should I care about this?” I would have thought the same thing before August 3, 2007. That is the day when my 11-year-old daughter, Amanda Rose Katsanis, was playing a game based on these drawings. She slipped, putting pressure on her carotid artery and vagus nerve, cutting off blood to her brain. She was dead in a few quick seconds, and she never even had a chance to save herself or be rescued. We found evidence that Amanda found this site while she was looking for her favorite cartoon characters using a search engine. We believe that the many images of women in bondage and captivity captured her imagination and attention and she started playing games based on this. All indications that we have found point to this being the case. The police agree, having completed a full investigation of her death. The evidence included drawings Amanda made herself, which were based on images from this site and information we found on the computer she used.

If you have the ability to block this site from your children’s view, please do it. If your children like to capture pictures of their favorite cartoon characters, check where on the internet they are going. Don’t just look at the site name because the name can be very innocent sounding...check the site and look at what is on it. I do not want any other children subjected to this type of “art” with the risk of their deaths also present. No other parent should have to walk into their child’s bedroom, only to find a lifeless body.

I am not a fan of asking people to pass internet mail on to others but I am asking you to spread the word about this site and the warning to parents. We thought we had a good grasp of what our daughter was doing...everything was done right. We took stringent measures to monitor Amanda’s access to the internet. The computer she used was in a high traffic area, and her sisters were in the room with her while she was on the internet. We could walk by at any time and see what she was doing, she needed our permission to register at web sites that required registration, and we checked things when we saw something that struck us as odd. But this site got past us, it required no registration, and had no warnings that would have stopped children from accessing it. We have paid a very dear price for that. No other parent should have to suffer this.

As to why we are passing on the information this way and not trying to shut down the site, we have no legal recourse to do so. We did contact the site owner and request that he move the “warning” message to his home page as well as choose wording that would alert parental control software. He has not done this. Legally, it is an issue of free speech. There are no laws requiring such sites to control access. But there is a moral obligation to protect our children until they are able to protect themselves, and there should be a legal responsibility to do so as well. A warning that the site contained adult matter might have stopped Amanda from accessing the drawings. As it stands, this site owner seems to be free to lure children to his site and subject them to his “art” and ideas without worrying about any consequences.

To see the joy that we have lost, please visit to see our oldest daughter’s tribute to Amanda. No child’s life should be destroyed by sites like karyuart. If you wish to contact us to verify this information, please send inquiries to [email protected] We ask that you be respectful of our loss should you choose to contact us.


Susan and Gary
Amanda’s Mom and Dad

wwj/th_eusa_pray.gif Praying for Amanda'sMom and her family, and I felt it was necessary to warn all us here at WWJ, it's hard enough keeping our children in line and protected from the secular world, but to have this as well as the other infamous sites, oh my my my, may the Lord Jesus Come quickly.
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Oct 16 08 1:01 AM

how sad..

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